I lived a life of hedonistic freedom, working for a travel company and theatre school, my life was one long party.  I never worked the 9-5, it just didn't sit right with me - and then, when I returned from a back packing trip around Australia & South East Asia in 2006 I found out I was going to be a Mum!

Everything changed - I knew I was going to be a single mum and made the conscious decision to plough all of my energies and time into being the best, most present Mum i could be - that was when teh universe delivered me yoga to assist my journey.

More importantly - kundalini Yoga.

I had dabbled in Yoga until this point - but it had always been for the skinny, svelte like yogi's we would see in the media.  Now I started Yoga to benefit me - as a whole person.

When I had a bash at Kundalini Yoga, I did 3 minutes of Sufi Grind and felt different - that's right in just 3 minutes I felt a change.  I couldn't believe it - was this what all those people in magazines were talking about when they found 'peace on the mat'?  I needed to learn more and so studied.

I found out that Kundalini Yoga was 'The Yoga of Awareness' because it gave the practitioner such a sense of their inner world that everything else seemed to fall away.  I was able to meditate easily as the chants and music were so magical and to develop my learning I trained to be a teacher.

Now, I share my teachings with students of all ages from pre school and beyond.  I teach in schools as I feel that this development of the human consciousness is paramount for us to continue on the earth as a species.  Joy & peace can be found in any small moments and that is what I have developed to share.

My goal is to share my knowledge and tips & tricks to guide you to a greater place of peace joy and self acceptance - You are perfect and you are valued and I am here to guide you to that place.

Yoga changed my life in exceptional ways that i had never thought possible - and I was never a 'yogi' type person - life for me was parties, drinking & travelling.

I'm Jo and this is my story

Yoga is a technology to be taken off of the mat and into everyday life.

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